Preston Kent - Reining Horse Trainer

Preston Kent

Preston Kent is a reining horse trainer with over $50,000 in NRHA earnings. He has been riding and training horses since he was very young. He is incredibly passionate about the sport of reining. Preston has many years of showing and training experience. He has apprenticed with NRHA Hall-of-Famer, Clint Haverty, as well as Kim Wagoner, and Talmage Smedley.


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Charell August Garcia

Charell August Garcia is a dressage trainer from the Netherlands. She has trained with Joyce Heutink and Johan Hamminga as well as the young horse starter, Anton van der Schans. She worked as a manager and trainer at a national dressage and jumping facility for 5 years and also trained on her own in the Netherlands. She has the Netherlands equivalent of the USDF Instructor Certification. Her main focus as a trainer is on teamwork and unity between horse and rider. She offers lessons, training, showing and sales for all levels.